This case was quite challenging and close to my heart`

A 62 year old gentleman presented to me with 15year old history of painful ulcer in his leg . He had visited almost all the doctors in the city and knew them by names and in person. He was operated twice on the same leg followed by several sessions of sclerotherapy. But his ulcer showed no signs of healing. His sleep was often disturbed due to pain and was mentally depressed as it had taken a toll on his mental health too. On his visit I ran all the basic investigations , all of which were normal. The problem with his ulcer was due to repeated damage for 15 years,his skin and surrounding tissues were scarred making it all the more difficult to heal. I ordered special dressings and growth factor injections which at the time were not available at our place . With the help of a medical representative I managed to get the injections . A few sittings of  growth factor injections followed by regular dressings we managed to heal the ulcer in a span of 2months(As is obvious from the pic).