The patient is 82 year old gentleman, diabetic happened to be my neighbour. I happened to meet him when I was out on a stroll with my dog, noticed his leg was wrapped with gauze bandages. That is when he told me about his struggle with  diabetic foot ulcer. His angiogram showed diffuse blockage in all the arteries supplying his leg starting from his hip. He also had a heart attack and had undergone stenting a few years back for which he was on multiple medications. In the span of 8months he had gone to multiple doctors ranging from GP to Podiatric surgeon(leg specialist). He even lost his great toe in the process. It was a really challenging wound to heal, considering the fact that he was a very elderly man with multiple comorbidities (Diabetes, weak heart, Hypertension) who would not sustain a major bypass surgery. So I had to employ a different strategy. We decided to aplly VAC therapy on him. VAC meaning Vaccum therapy, acts by applying negative suction on the wound thus sucking the dead material and discharge, externally connected to a machine. Four  sittings of VAC his wound started healing and showing progress. I finally managed to close it with sutures. He is absolutely hale and healthy today, I have developed a great bond with the entire family, infact they took great care of me when I was down with dengue.